Friday, February 13, 2009

Blu... My Little Valentine

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Blu celebrated his Valentines' at school yesterday. There are 12 other little-hearts in his class and it was such a joy to see them go around with their Valentine-bags ( that was hist last week's project at school; Teacher J. had cut out some lovely red and pink hearts and the kids were to stick them on a plain white paper bag. Yesterday the finished product arrived as we walked in, with a very pretty red polka-dot bow on it ). Here are the cards we made for his class (pic above )

We ( me & Blu) also had a secret project going on, on the side. Now that we got the hang of cutting and trimming , we decided to make another card for Joe while waiting fo him to come back from work. Those are the outlines of our palms cut out and stuck to card-stock (pic below). Blu was absolutely thrilled when I told him that he could blow the glitter-heart to Papa as soon he opens the door.


  1. Very Innovative :) to be treasured for life !

  2. That's lovely! Happy lil' family valentine - cute :)


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