Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Clicks

These are some snaps from our everyday life , random objects at home...putting the camera to some use :) Nothing in particular...

Our Tewa Horse from Trail of Painted Ponies. When we got him, we were all set to start a collection. Then Blu came along and needless to say.. everything else took a backseat. Hope to get a few more ponies from the fabulous collection in future.

A brass candle-holder with Andalusian(Moorish) cutouts. It's really nice to see the flame glowing at night, so I hope to have another posting on this sometime in future. Surprisingly, we didnt have to make a trip to the exotic Casablanca to get this one- its from a favorite local store-Target!

An impromptu table-scape (above). The branch above fell off from one of the plants in our tiny garden.. the flowers looked so fragile, we felt like saving them in a rescued Starbucks Cappuccino glass bottle. Some things in the background include our distressed black farm-style table, and a graceful platter from one of our trips to Filoli (we will have a post on Filoli soon).

Can u tell if these succulents are real? Honestly, neither can we, even from close quarters! Some of the real cactii in our garden outside, pale in comparision with these, and the only way to make out is to pinch a leaf. :-) These are miniatures and add a lot of life to wherever we keep them. They have so far adorned the kitchen and the guest bathroom. The picture above is the foursome collection sitting on the kitchen window sill.

Above: Clicking away on a lazy day- The Reclaimers- a guide to salvaging hardware- everything from really rusty tubs to screws and kitchen hardware sits on a game set called "Stretch Run", an equestrian board game which we are yet to figure out how to play.

A lonely kenyan soapstone thinker flanked by two wine bottles and other trivia on our mantle. The Walt Disney Treasury of classics is over 30 years old, and from Joe's childhood- a gift that his Papa gave and treasured to this day.

This one is from our studio! I painted a plain old white Ikea bowl into this as a gift for Joe many years ago. There werent much rules, and the basic idea was to just play around with all four basic colors- Red, Blue, Green and Yellow- in some shade or form. This one is reminiscent of our days together after we got married and took some ceramic painting classes together. It was such fun! The paint is Pebio ceramic paint, which is believed to be one of the better quality ones- and non-toxic. After painting, the dish was baked in an oven to "set" the paint in, so that it cannot be washed away. Ceramic painting is a really fun hobby to have, and we are hoping to catch up on it again.

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