Saturday, March 28, 2009

How much would you spend for this ??

Saturday's Lunch (pic above)

I am in love with a hand-painted planter-urn from one of the local stores .. and it costs a 'whopping $40.00' in 2009.. If this was a year back I would have just bought it right off the shelf without questions. But with so much going on around the world and people struggling to make ends meet , I feel wastage is tantamount to crime.
In the meantime , the planter is still beckoning at me. I have already laid out in mind, the perfect place for it in my house the entryway, grouped with the other "use-less" vase that I had got last year( please note that by use-less i just mean non-utilitarian, it still serves the purpose of pleasing my eyes). Now that I mentioned use-less, the practical side takes over. The tug-of-war continues... and we walk out of the store.
On the way, we try to come to a reasonable solution. Lets try and save this $40.00 elsewhere and then we will come back and get it ( if it still there!) . In the least , it would be test on what spending is absolutely necessary and what is not. Suddenly we decide to have lunch at home instead of eating out as planned earlier...We get home and and try to whip up ( heat-up rather) a quick lunch : Joe grilled some chicken sausages & English muffins while I assembled a quick tomato & caper salad, Persian cucumbers and some strawberries for the little-customer. Wonder how much we would have paid for it if we were to eat-out ? Any thoughts ?

The lunch was gobbled up in no time.. As the ad goes: 1 pack of sausages- $2.00, 1 pack of English muffins- $1.50, Fruits and Veggies -$ 4.50 .... time spent together on a lazy saturday "priceless"!
Now, I am not even sure if I will go back to the store to get the urn.


  1. Heartfelt blog ! Since I am bad with words ( surprisingly !! )let me quote from The Life of Reason by George Santayana
    "The family is one of nature's masterpieces".

  2. Priceless post! I tend to think along MasterCard lines a lot of times too!


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