Friday, March 20, 2009

Mayell Pie/Cake Server

An older find which we dug up sometime last year, is the above Silver plated Pie or Cake Server. It's not easy to find one that just fits so well into the palm of your hand while you are navigating the delicate layers of a cake or torte. We have a couple of other newer cake servers that available now like Wilton and Godinger, but none does the job as well as this timeless beauty!

The maker is MAYELL, a lesser known British Company, and we could find just very few pieces on the web from this maker, and almost no reference on the history of the company. However, the inscriptions on the back clearly depict silver coating on Zinc. (EP on Zinc). Has a few minor scratches, but we've polished it to a shine using Weiman Silver polish.


  1. That is a lovely find!!

  2. We live in Norway and have two candelabrum from Mayell also marked EP ON ZINC and that`s how I found your blog :)
    Have a very nice Christmas!


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