Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Treasures - Furniture

Above, Vistaprint Glass mats sitting on a low coffee table that in our minds can be used for seating as well. The style seems unmistakeably art-deco. Though we are really not art-deco fans, some pieces come by that are hard to resist. The wood is solid (has 2 tones of wood- one of which looks like Teak and the other like Mahogany). The top is green leather pasted on the wood top, with gilded-stamped lines decorating in a diagonal pattern.
There is no maker's stamp on the peice of furniture, so there is a good chance that it could have been custom-made. The joints are in outstanding shape for a piece that looks like it has travelled atleast 50-60 years. The art deco movement was in the 1920's, but this could have been a peice that was modelled later based on that style.
This photo actually doesn't do much justice to this piece so we'll try and post a better snap later.

A classic American kid size rocking chair. Distressed white finish. Good size for even grown-ups to squeeze on. The back and seat are caned. This one was in fairly good condition, though the right side of the structure needs some minor restoration work. Below: Junior has already claimed rights to it!


  1. Do share your hunting grounds for these fabulous finds!

  2. Thanks for visiting,Aditi. We live in the Bay area..most of our finds are from local antique stores or estate sales . Glad to know you like them - Aswathy

  3. lovely... lovely.. Aswathy.. I like your pics.. very nice!! I'm now inspired for more photography!!

    Hey... love the rocking chair!!


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